When a nonprofit organization is in need of a new Executive Director (501c3) or a President & CEO (501c6), finding the right person can be difficult.  Ottsie can help.

Find the right person the first time.

It is critical that organizations have the right person to lead them.  Ottsie works with the leadership (Boards of Directors) of the nonprofit organizations providing comprehensive talent solutions for each nonprofit.

Beginning with providing a Succession Plan, Ottsie recognizes that building the future of the organization is key.  Managing transitions between leaders is imperative.  This alone can make or break a nonprofit.

The statistics are staggering – over 40% of all new executives fail within the first 16 months mostly due to poor planning and training inconsistencies.  Ottsie believes that statistic can be avoided by hiring the right person the first time.

The nonprofit world can be difficult.  It is not unlike the corporate structure of hiring the best person for the open position and making sure they receive the training support they need to become successful.

Sally has the credentials to make this happen.  Many talent & acquisition companies don’t have the same type of credentialed personnel to understand the important needs of nonprofit organizations.  Ottsie does.

For more information on Ottsie’s Nonprofit Talent & Acquisition component, contact Sally at

Find the right person the first time.

Executive Leadership Training – Chambers of Commerce c6 and Nonprofit c3 Charitable Organizations

Sally Rutledge Ott, ACE, NFPC, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, Circle of Champions by the American Chamber of Commerce in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010.  She was awarded the Pioneer Award in 2021 by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce for outstanding contributions to the development of the Chamber, elevating growth and opportunities for women and small businesses across America.

Ottsie, LLC provides services to nonprofit organizations as well as start-up NFP’s and if the owner of the Midwest Certified Nonprofit Academy in Illinois.

Sally Rutledge-Ott, ACE, NFPC, President of Ottsie, LLC, holds U.S. Federally Registered Copyrights on Nonprofit Documents (Registration Number TX 7-336-770).  These documents include Anti-Trust Statements, Taboos, Discussion; Confidentiality Statement; Conflict of Interest Statement.  If you need these restricted documents, contact Ottsie, LLC at

Ottsie, LLC has a network of experts that are ready and available to assist you with accounting, business legal issues, nonprofit law (including Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, Employee Handbooks and more), organizational merge guidelines and assistance, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, logo & branding design and action, leadership training.